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Voice Chat? Of course, my answer is yes!!! And, you can mute them and report for toxicity if you want that to be a thing. It's a risk everyone takes on a day to day bases, be it in physical reality or the virtual reality. :D It beats pushing shift+tab to chat in the steam client to message your opponent.

Most Definitely!!!

Unleash the Dragons!!!!!! Imps and fairy's oh my!

Hotkey :D make it the M key for Minion <3 or any key would like :D

make it an option if you do...Just so us players who don't like auto-attack on. Please and thank you :D <3

For those who can't click fast, yes....I need more competition lol jk jk Seriously, I do like that option, but? I hate it when your range indicators disappear with that feature on. :(

I totally agree!! I have definitely pulled the oh crap, I clicked the wrong guy....ooops I can't refund :(